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APOLOGY: Sorry for not really being online all day today. Today was literally the FIRST day in over a month that I was able to just relax, playing games and stuff. It felt nice. Course, now my dad wants me to wake up early tomorrow to help clean our church in the morning, so I'm probably gonna zonk out after posting this journal.

GEEKING OUT: Finally got to see the second Independence Day movie. And I LOVED IT. The effects were great, the fact that there's a good alien in it makes it even more awesome (which is something my dad actually predicted over a year ago XD) and the WARLORD! THAT dude was epic! I wanna see a movie revolving around that ground war.

My biggest complaint is all the dying parental figures. I mean, COME ON, stop killing them! Not EVERY hero needs to have a tragic "MY PARENTS ARE DEAD" backstory ala Batman. Rather than "I fight to avenge my parents!" Why not have an "I fight to protect my parents" hero? 

Anyway, I loved this movie and am hoping they make a third one where we see more good aliens. I'm hoping one of their races look like the Velantian's from the Lensmen series. I wanna see big, dragony guys with five eyes that can outsmart folks.

and with that, good night.
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United States
I am a Mormon Otaku Gamer Brony living in the middle of nowhere. Literally. Anyway, I grew up watching anime, and it has helped shape my personality to the funny, thick-headed whackjob I am today. I'm not known for having a decent amount of common sense, but that's okay. After all, one benefit to not thinking things through all the time is that you'll be in little danger of OVER-thinking things.

I mainly use MMD, but I do have a single fanfic up if you like ponies.

Pluviophile by Leafbreeze7 Paranoid Stamp by CMSenseiluka and len stamp by crazysistahs



These things still creep me out.

Nim by :iconstardustaries: and :iconcmsensei: with shirt design by :iconnaruchan101:
blobfish by marukopouro
Youtube - Follow the Leader

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A new dance video! Yay! I've liked this song since I first heard it, and finally decided to make a vid for it. I'm gonna try and get back in the hang of making videos.

Cran Heil by Ohba
stage by Shinsui

dance motion by NatsumiSan (tho I animated the wings myself)
Camera by haruhi_pedal
Awesome Pancakes
Nim makes the best pancakes. And sometimes he's just eager for folks to try them.

Nim by :iconstardustaries: and :iconcmsensei: and shirt pic by :iconnaruchan101:
Meibel by :iconilluminatedtears:
stage by masisi
pancakes by cabbagebowl
I apologize for not really being here today. Long story short, my comp got a virus and I had to do a level 2 system restore to fix it.


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Happy new year! Im a few days late with this hehhehLlama Emoji 35 (Desire or Want Something) [V2] 
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happy new year ^^
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Merry Christmas. =w=
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merry christmas
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Remember my MikuMikuTrading game and your quest for all the Lukas? xD
Well, I am plan to start those up again lol. 
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REALLY!? ouo
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Mmhmm~ I miss organising packs and seeing everyone's reaction in the unpack pictures! 
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can't wait to see what you make next! ^^ and thanks for the Watch!
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King-Morgana Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016
hey can you recommend me a cool drifters anime model?
like Toyohisa for example
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