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Some folks say Life is a journey, starting at one point and ending at another. I feel this is partially true. In my opinion, Life is what we see on that journey.

We start at one place, and start moving to the other place. Along the way, we see the clouds, the people and creatures of this world, the mountains and rivers. We hear the chirping of birds, the chatter of people, the babbling of brooks and the wind through the trees. We see and hear many things, but what do we take from it all? What sights and noises stick with us through everything? Those sights, those noises, those things are our Life.

Sometimes someone will throw a rock in our way, or we will just trip and fall and get back up, but every little thing adds to our Life. Sometimes we will be in a group of people, sometimes we will be alone, but we keep going either way, because each step ahead is just as important as the steps behind us.

And in time, we reach the end of our individual journeys, and we'll meet those who went before. They will ask how we are doing, and what we saw along our path. We will look back and see how far we've come. And with a smile we can say "I feel happy." With a frown we can say "I stumbled a lot." Either way, we'll look back at the others and finish with "And here I am."

And that's when the next journey begins. 
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United States
I am a Mormon Otaku Gamer Brony living in the middle of nowhere. Literally. Anyway, I grew up watching anime, and it has helped shape my personality to the funny, thick-headed whackjob I am today. I'm not known for having a decent amount of common sense, but that's okay. After all, one benefit to not thinking things through all the time is that you'll be in little danger of OVER-thinking things.

I mainly use MMD, but I do have a single fanfic up if you like ponies.

Pluviophile by Leafbreeze7 Paranoid Stamp by CMSensei luka and len stamp by crazysistahs



Dat me
One of my Warframe missions glitched. It was a Kuva Fortress mission that was supposed to end with us going in our Archwings (think Space Jetpacks) and going out to extraction. However, the Archwings didn't kick in. So we just kinda...ran...through space. This was funny, until we saw the extraction point was around a hundred feet beneath us and we couldn't go down to it. It took a bit but I figured out the solution. I had to exit my warframe (you can do that after War Within) and teleport-dash down. It didn't get me all the way down, but it got me past that invisible floor, and I fell right down. It hurt like heck, but I got there. It was a funny glitch.

Also, my character is currently looking at my Warframe, who's still stuck up there. 
Sorry for lack of activity. Had a major heat wave this week (every day hitting above 110*F, or 42*C roughly), and that just DRAINED ME. Gonna try making something later.
Ice cream
It's getting hot. Time for ice cream.

Yunoa, Aime and Lea by Mikoto
Ganondorf by :iconjakkaeront:
SCP-173 by :iconkingchaos622:
Ice cream & cart by cabbagebowl
stage by shiro
My dude and someone else waiting at the end of a spy mission outside of our suits. Can't see my eyepatch from here tho.


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